Looking Forward to Hot and Cold

Hi, guys! I’m getting really excited about the release of Hot and Cold, my debut novella. The story follows Jill Davis, a young figure skating coach, as she struggles to prepare one of her students for a prestigious regional competition while navigating her new relationship with Jeremy Rosario, the best looking hockey dad she’d ever laid eyes on.

Now, I’m aware figure skating may not be a popular subject in the romance genre, but it's a sport that has been near-and-dear to me every since I was a little girl. I first fell in love with skating when I watched Kristi Yamaguchi perform in the 1992 Albertville Olympics (which she won, by the way). Later that year, my parents enrolled me in group lesson at a local rink. From there, I moved onto private lessons and began competing.

I even coached for a little bit when I was in college and graduate school.  At one of the rinks I worked at, a handsome, mid-30s hockey dad must have always came straight from work to watch his son play, because I never saw him without a suit on. He became known as “the hot hockey dad” amongst me and some of the staff, which is how I got the idea years later for Jeremy’s character. But, since I never once talked to this guy, the similarities between my personal experience and my book end there. Fantasy is usually more than reality, right?

For the sexier version of that story, pick up a copy of Hot and Cold on August 19th!